Bill Boyd Ceramics - Process images

Bill Boyd at the wheel

Bill Boyd in his workshop

Spraying glaze Spray glazing

Applying release agent Applying release layer to the glaze catcher-

1/2 kaolin +
1/2 aluminum hydroxide

I don't use glue. You have to move the pots by holding the glaze catcher.

placing the pot onto the catcher Placing the pot on the catcher

Heating the joint Cracking the seal between the fused pot
and catcher after the firing.

Tapping the catcher Tapping the catcher after heating

Grinding glaze from the foot Grinding the glaze from the foot. It is difficult to see what you are doing with a bench grinder on smaller pots and completely impossible on large pots.

I am grinding this one in front of my spray booth. The fan is powerful and pulls all the dust out.

Note- not for those concerned about the risk of using a grinder without the safety guard. Wear heavy gloves.

Good tools for grinding

Diamond cut off disk for fast grinding.

diamond cut off disk
Diamond hook-and-loop pads for fine finishing.

diamond hook and loop pads

Some photography by Helen Elizabeth Schnare, photographer extraordinaire, Galiano Island, BC
[email protected]

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