My Story
Spiral My first contact with pottery making came in Sweden where I was attending art school back in 1970.

Spiral Little did I know then how those moments were about to influence my future path.  I went on to establish "Solbacken Ceramics" with my partner Bettan in a seaside village in south-west Sweden.
Bill Boyd
Temmoku pots with iron decor Spiral There we produced earthenware, gas fired
stoneware, and wood fired stoneware in kilns
I designed and built. 

During those 11 years we met and worked
several talented and successful potters,
including Geoff Savage and my friend
Kennet Williamson.
Bill Boyd at the wheel Spiral In Sweden I was influenced by the Scandinavian aesthetic
which favours simplicity and clean lines.

I was also exposed to the work and writings
of Shõji
Hamada, Sõetsu Yanagi and
Bernard Leach. This exposed
me to Asian thinking and styles,
including some of the
classic glazes of history:
celadon, tenmoku, chun, shino
and more.
Spiral In 2002 I discovered Zinc- Silicate
crystal glazes.

It soon became an obsession and I have
pursued this elusive phenomenon
continually since then.

I live and play with my wife
Jade on beautiful
Galiano Island in
the Southern Outer Gulf Islands of
British Columbia, Canad
My little flower by the big flower

Summer garden

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